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    **DEUTA is the worldwide provider of speed sensors, DEUTA REDBOX® driving data recorders, indicator units and CPU based multifunctional terminals with safe patented IconTrust® technology powered by its in-house R&D and full scale manufacturing facilities for safety systems up to SIL4.

    DEUTA Multi-Functional Terminals

    The Driver Machine Interfaces (DMI) for customised visualization tasks.
    SIL-capable Multi-Functional Terminals with patented IconTrust® technology are the new standards in terms of driving safety for displays which correspond to the safety standards of today and tomorrow.
    Versatility of application for DEUTA Multi-Functional Terminals:

    • Diagnostics display
    • Visualization of virtual instruments
    • Driver assistance systems
    • Driver Machine Interfaces for ETCS (European Train Control System)
    • Driver Machine Interfaces for CBTC (Communication Based Train Control)

    IconTrust® - Infinite control up to SIL 3

    IconTrust monitors dedicated areas on the TFT panel and differentiates between safety-related and non-safety-related information. IconTrust uses a safe computer to transmit the safe data to the panel PC. This is where the data are processed and displayed. IconTrust monitors the represented screen areas on the TFT display and transmits the protocol back to the safe computer. Comparison occurs in the safe computer, e.g. in the EVC (European Vital Computer).

    DEUTA REDBOX® Multi-Functional Recorders

    DEUTA REDBOX® Multi-Functional Recorders are suitable for every vehicle environment. The sophisticated REDBOX concept provides travel data recording and innovative possibilities for service and evaluation.

    The compact dimensions of the extremely robust train data recorders are impressive and allow for easy worldwide data access through the Web-Interface system. In this way, you always have recorder status, data storage and communication status under your control.

    • Travel data evaluated with highest resolution
    • Service through Web access
    • For requirement levels to SIL4
    • Complete SIL engineering by DEUTA

    Speed Sensors and Odometry

    DEUTA‘s range of sensor products can be divided along three measuring principles – radar sensors, pick-up sensors, and axle-mounted sensors.

    Dual-channel Doppler Radar Sensor

    DEUTA radar sensors provide a contact-free way of measuring speed and distance by using the doppler principle of microwaves.

    The dual-channel Doppler radar DRS05 uses special dual-beam algorithms to analyse the Doppler signals. These are optimised for high accuracy and a velocity measuring range of up to 600 km/h.

    • DRS051S1 with integrated protective cover against impact of stones and extreme temperatures
    • especially suitable for ETCS / ERMTS high-speed trains

    DEUTA Pick-up Sensors -Hall Effect Sensors with extremely long life spans

    The pick-up sensors are characterised by extreme long life due to their non-contacting and therefore almost wear­free mode of operation. Measurements are carried out by scanning a gear-tooth or pulse wheel. The speed sensor is placed at a particular distance above the wheel.

    • almost wear-free due to contactless measuring

    DEUTA Axle-Mounted Sensors -High resolution – low maintenance

    DEUTA axle-mounted sensors are driven by a mechanical coupling with the vehicle axle. Impervious to dirt and vibration and practically maintenance-free, they achieve high resolutions even at low rotational speeds.

    • extremely high durability thanks to their predominantly wear-free operation
    • insensitivity to dirt and vibration**
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