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    Project - STIB/MIVB

    STIB/MIVB: Metro fleet upgrade with door sensitive edges

    Together with our Austrian business partner IFE, we upgraded the first generation of metro's from STIB/MIVB with door sensitive edges, in order to improve passenger safety.

    Project - DEUTA-WERKE

    DEUTA-WERKE: Retrofit of old KWR recorders by REDBOX

    Different projects for upgrading railway vehicles (mainly tramways and metros) with new generation recorder REDBOX from our partner DEUTA-WERKE.

    The REDBOX can either replace our own former KWR4 and KWR6 recorders or recorders from other suppliers. The REDBOX shall cover 1-to-1 the existing functionalities of the recorder and also implement new features, such as remote maintenance and data-download, overspeed detection, etc.

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