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    Official partners

    We officially represent and distribute strong brands.
    All the companies are market leaders and reliable railway
    system manufacturers


    • Brake systems
      • Brake Controle
      • Boggie equipment
      • Air Supply
      • Sanding devices
      • Hydraulic brake systems
    • Wipers
    • Derailment detection service
    • ICom
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    IFE (Knorr-Bremse)

    • Door systems
    • Acces systems
      • Steps
      • Ramps
    • Detection systems
      • Sensitive edges
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    • Multi-Functional Terminals
      • Diagnostics display
      • Visualization of virtual instruments
      • Driver assistance systems
      • Driver Machine Interface for ETCS
      • Driver Machine Interface for CBTC
    • IconTrust®
    • Multi-Functional Recorders
      • Travel data evaluated with highest resolution
      • Service through Web access
      • For requirement levels to SIL4
      • Complete SIL engineering by DEUTA
    • Speed Sensors and Odometry
    • Dual-channel Doppler Radar Sensor
      • DRS051S1 with integrated protective cover against impact of stones and extreme temperatures
      • especially suitable for ETCS / ERMTS high-speed trains
    • Pick-up Sensors -Hall Effect Sensors with extremely long life spans
      • almost wear-free due to contactless measuring
    • Axle-Mounted Sensors -High resolution – low maintenance
      • extremely high durability thanks to their predominantly wear-free operation
      • insensitivity to dirt and vibration
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    • Toilet systems
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    • Partition and interior doors
    • Door guides
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    AW Solutions

    • NSP-WFL bio-based wheel flange lubrication system.
    • NSP-WFL reduces the coefficient of friction, minimizes wheels’ flange and rail wear, while saving fuel/energy and limiting noise.
    • To improve the wheel-rail cooperation, system lubricates the most vulnerable areas of wear. Solid sticks are pressed against the wheel flange with spring. The thin coating is being passively transferred through rail to subsequent wheels.
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    • Hands decontamination terminals
    • Very unique and innovative system "handsfree"
    • Decontamination lotion origine 100% vegetable
    • Very easy in use: enter your hands, turn your hands, remove your hands, rub your hands
    • Protects your health and the health from others
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